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Intern - Cell Biology



Toronto, ON, Canada
Posted on Friday, June 7, 2024

About the company:

ProteinQure has built the best computational platform for designing small exotic peptide therapeutics. We combine molecular simulations and machine learning to do the structure based design of drugs. We use the novel peptides to help deliver payloads in a tissue specific manner. Peptides are ideal for delivery of different payloads like radioisotopes and gene therapy since they are tissue specific and easier to manufacture. Our platform has been validated (in-vivo and with unprecedented in-vitro characteristics) with three top 25 pharma companies in their experimental assays. We are the only computational platform capable of designing peptides with the full complement of non-canonical amino acids, so that our peptides are 100x better than natural peptide ligands. We are not selling software, our partnership model involves upfront fees and milestones. We are now working on our first assets and have in-vivo efficacy for our first program in oncology.

About the project.:

The goal is to identify, characterize, and optimize novel peptide-based therapeutics for eventual human use. This is a preclinical stage project that will focus on hit identification, lead optimization, and validation in vitro. The focus will be on using peptides to deliver therapeutic payloads (e.g. siRNA) to extrahepatic tissues, including kidney, immune, and cardiac cells.

To identify hits and optimize leads, this project involves the use of multiple laboratory techniques, including phage display for hit identification, cell line generation for in vitro efficacy and safety studies, reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to evaluate gene knockdown, flow analysis to measure binding, and protein purification.

This is a great learning opportunity for a current student or recent graduate who has at least 1 full year of laboratory experience using at least one of the skills listed above to understand how these skills can be applied in drug development. For example, a Master’s student who has spent 250 hours in a wet lab, an Undergraduate student who has worked in a lab for multiple semesters or taken an intensive laboratory course equivalent to 250 hours in a wet lab, etc.

Due to the nature of the job, this is an in-person position.

Required expertise/skills:

● Mammalian cell culture
● Cell line generation
● Flow analysis
● Protein purification
● Limited administrative tasks

If you qualify for for Mitacs: https://www.mitacs.ca/our-programs/accelerate-core-professors/
Please apply via the Mitacs portal here: https://webform.mitacs.ca/en/opportunity/10708/view