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Founding Platform / Full-Stack / Front-end Engineer

Poly AI

Poly AI

Software Engineering
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2023
About Us

Poly is building a better file storage platform for everyone. We're backed by YC, Bloomberg Beta, Felicis, Figma Ventures, AI Grant, and more, and we're looking to grow our founding team of superstar builders and dreamers.

Our file storage platform will "replace Finder and File Explorer" as the de-facto user experience for managing your personal files (we will host them as well). We know, it's an insanely ambitious goal, but we think it's not only possible but necessary to finally do away with these legacy file systems.

Concretely, here's three reasons why people need Poly: 1. Find anything using natural language and multi-modal queries ("images in the style of X from last week"), so that you never lose track of your stuff again. 2. Auto-upload/sync content from your GenAI apps via auth or browser plugin, complete with metadata. 3. Create projects and workspaces where you can pin files, save folders that dynamically update, and mention notes/links for reference. Spend less time managing files and more time getting stuff done.

About You

We are looking for a founding platform developer to join us in building Poly's desktop and web applications. You will need to wear many hats, but the only hat you'll never remove is your attention to detail and dedication towards excellence. You must have significant experience (or significant enthusiasm) in building cross platform full-stack experiences. Specifically, we would pay attention to your expertise in the following:

  • Core software design and architectural considerations in developing a full-stack application for file management, including reactivity (e.g. React, Vue), persistence, latency, data caching, interaction, and API
  • Extensive knowledge of client-server communication strategies including HTTP, websockets, binary formats such as protobufs/cbor, etc.
  • Cross-platform considerations using Electron/Tauri or some other packaging framework that suits our needs
  • WASM and other optimizations over raw JS that allow us to perform hyper-fast data management
  • Debugging and test practices that let us catch both unit, integration, and interaction bugs.
  • Modern web standards across domains, such as WebGPU, WebGL, WebAudio, WebRTC, File Storage/File Access.

Send a friend request on LinkedIn with a short blurb (in the connection request) to me, and I will be 1000+% more likely to see and respond to your interest. My bio is here: http://linkedin.com/in/abhaykagarwal/