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Engineering Manager



Software Engineering, Other Engineering
Brazil · Remote
Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2024


Origin is reimagining wealth management by making it accessible and affordable to all. Today, money is the [#1] source of stress - more than jobs, health, and relationships combined. That stress is exacerbated in the current economic environment, which is presenting people with once-in-a-generation financial challenges. Origin is tackling this problem head on by expanding access to financial planning for those who have historically been boxed out due to high barriers to entry. Our product simplifies finances for individuals making it easy to manage spend and investments, get expert advice, and take action to hit financial goals.

We are a fast-paced startup in the series B round, led by repeat founders and backed by leading VC firms like Founders Fund, Felicis, and General Catalyst.



As an Engineering Manager at Origin, you will play a pivotal role in leveraging engineering as a craft to deliver outstanding value to our members and customers. As a leader, you'll work directly managing engineers, owning and maintaining processes, and ultimately, launching products with excellence. You'll work hard to understand and utilize your team's strengths to increase business impact and professional goals. You'll be responsible for embedding and promoting our core values across Origin. Through effective communication and business acumen, you'll foster a productive and fast-paced product development process, acting as a partner with product managers and designers during technical assessments and business alignments to ensure a sustainable and outstanding delivery.

A Typical Day

As an Engineering Manager at Origin, your day is a blend of leadership, strategy, and hands-on involvement, aimed at steering our engineering team towards excellence in a landscape that demands innovation and agility.

  • Strategic Leadership: Begin your day by aligning your team’s efforts with Origin’s strategic goals. This involves setting clear objectives, reviewing progress on ongoing projects, and ensuring that the team is focused on the most impactful tasks. Your role as a leader is to provide direction and clarity, bridging the gap between high-level strategy and day-to-day activities.
  • Team Collaboration and Support: Dedicate time to fostering a collaborative environment within your team. Engage in meaningful conversations, provide support where needed, and facilitate problem-solving sessions. Your ability to listen, guide, and motivate is crucial in maintaining a productive and engaged team. Regularly schedule 1:1s to discuss career development, project updates, and any concerns your team members might have.
  • Technical Oversight and Innovation: While you may not be coding daily, staying abreast of technical advancements and challenges within your domain is key. Participate in architectural discussions, review code when necessary, and ensure that technical decisions align with our long-term vision. Your technical acumen enables you to contribute to discussions with tech leads, ensuring projects are executed with excellence.
  • Product influence: You will use your user-centered vision and product thinking to support the team’s product vision alignment. Your collaboration will be key in shaping practical, innovative solutions that align with Origin’s high-level strategy.
  • Operational Excellence: Focus on streamlining processes and improving operational efficiency. Identify bottlenecks in workflows, propose solutions, and implement best practices to enhance productivity. Promoting a culture of continuous improvement, you lead efforts to optimize our development lifecycle, from planning through deployment.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Dedicate a portion of your day to engage with product managers, designers, and other stakeholders. Clear communication and collaboration are vital to understanding requirements, setting expectations, and ensuring alignment across teams. Your role involves articulating technical constraints and trade-offs, facilitating decision-making that balances business needs with technical sustainability.
  • Culture and Community Building: Actively contribute to creating a positive, inclusive workplace. Lead by example, recognizing achievements, and fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. Participate in initiatives that enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion, and support activities that build a strong sense of community within Origin.


At Origin, we're not just writing code; we're pioneering in a regulated, fault-intolerant industry with multiple consumer-facing products. Success in this venture relies on our ability to develop flexible, reliable, and reusable software that propels us forward without compromising stability.

For this crucial role, we're seeking candidates who embody the following characteristics:

  • 2-5+ years of engineering management experience;
  • 7+ years experience in engineering of relevant software development industry experience in a fast-paced tech environment;
  • Communication: Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well within a team and across engineering teams;
  • Leadership: Flexible in leadership style, can adapt to a variety of ways of working depending on the situation. Good judgment in making tradeoffs to balance short-term business needs with long-term technical quality;
  • Operational excellence: Creating a strong culture of operational excellence with focus on raising the bar for quality, reliability, observability, and availability;
  • Prioritization Framework: Exceptional organizational and prioritization skills, with the capability to manage complex schedules and effectively resolve conflicts;
  • Collaborative Mindset: Collaborate with stakeholders across the organization, such as product, design, infrastructure, marketing, and operations;
  • Skilled in Feedback and Management: As a manager, you should be adept at giving and receiving constructive feedback. Moreover, your role will involve managing team members, guiding their professional development, and fostering a culture of learning and excellence within the team;
  • Data-Driven Mindset and Analytics Skills: Strong analytical skills and a data-driven approach to decision-making, problem-solving, and continuous improvement. The ability to leverage data analytics to inform strategies, optimize processes, and measure outcomes effectively is vital;
  • Relentlessly Resourceful: Inspired by Paul Graham's concept, you demonstrate the ability to navigate through challenges creatively and effectively. Read more;
  • Remote-Ready: You are capable of working effectively in a remote setting, ensuring overlap with our core hours from 9 AM to 2 PM PT to facilitate seamless collaboration;
  • Fluent in English: Advanced or native proficiency in English is essential to communicate effectively within our diverse, global team;


While the above qualifications are essential, the following are highly desirable:

  • Experience with Our Tech Stack: Proficiency in React Native, ReactJS, C#, MongoDB, AWS enriches our collective skill set and accelerates our innovation efforts.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Exceptional problem-solving skills, especially in a regulated and fault-intolerant industry, will be a great asset.
  • Continuous Learner: A passion for continuous learning and staying updated with the latest trends and technologies in mobile engineering.
  • Hands-On Approach: At Origin, we highly incentivize a hands-on approach, valuing leaders who are not only strategic thinkers but also willing to dive into the trenches.
  • System Design Knowledge: Understanding the intricacies of system design is crucial as it affects scalability, reliability, and performance.



  • Generous base salary
  • Meaningful equity package

Health and Wellness

  • Health insurance;
  • Mental health care;
  • Wellness allowance;
  • Parenthood & fertility;
  • Co-working allowance;
  • Unlimited access to Origin;
  • Work setup one-time stipend;

Work-life rhythm

  • Unlimited PTO;
  • Parental leave;
  • Remote-first;
  • Flexible hours;


Fulfilling our mission is only possible with a diverse team that breathes for excellence and is hugely committed to making money simple for everyone, everywhere.

As a team, we are obsessed with delivering the best solution possible to our members through an elegant and self-guided experience. We know that building a product of this magnitude requires from us tons of creativity, autonomy, and flexibility to move fast and embrace uncertainties with ownership. This is who we daily pursue to be!

To embrace talented people like this and provide the necessary resources to achieve their best versions, we believe in the power of a healthy environment where each person is valued for who they are and have clear goals and expectations for the future they can build within the company. Each person here is seen as a key player in our team.

Our environment is diverse, with excellent people and equal opportunities. We believe in the power of the individuality and uniqueness of each of us to make our team even more powerful.

We are building an outstanding solution, and here is an invitation for you to become an Original and join us on this journey!