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Scientist, Single Cell Genomics

Juvena Therapeutics

Juvena Therapeutics

Palo Alto, CA, USA · United States · Canada · Mexico
Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2023

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Scientist, Single Cell Genomics

Position Description

Juvena Therapeutics is seeking a highly self-motivated Scientist to be an integral part of our drug discovery platform. We are searching for an individual who is passionate about developing a multi-omics workflow that deeply interrogates the disease modifying effects of candidate molecules. The individual will be an integral member of the discovery team and will work alongside computational biologists and machine learning engineers. The ideal candidate will have post-doctoral and industry experience in single cell genomics and have been involved in high throughput screening and lead candidate selection.

Company Summary

Juvena Therapeutics is on a mission to discover and develop biologics for rare and chronic degenerative diseases by mining the secretomes of human pluripotent stem cells through a machine learning (ML)-enhanced platform. Juvena’s approach integrates proteomics, transcriptomics and imaging with phenotypic human in vitro disease model screening and extensive preclinical validation to mine stem cell secretomes as a rich source of new medicines for chronic and rare diseases. We are advancing leads for muscular dystrophies and muscle atrophy, and validating hits across metabolic and pulmonary diseases with a goal to identify and develop two new assets in new disease indications over the next two years. Since our launch in mid-2018, Juvena has discovered dozens of hits for neuromuscular, skeletal, metabolic and pulmonary diseases, including several muscle regenerative protein therapeutic candidates with potent human in vitro and mice in vivo efficacy. Juvena is advancing a developmental candidate for Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1, a rare autosomal dominant, progressive muscle-wasting disease, in IND-enabling studies. 

Juvena Therapeutics has secured venture capital, NIH, and CIRM funding to develop our top lead to a clinical-stage investigational new drug, to build our stem cell secretome database, and to leverage our discovery platform to rapidly identify and validate novel protein-based drug candidates for multiple rare and chronic diseases across metabolic and pulmonary therapeutic areas. At Juvena we embrace a diversity of backgrounds, experience and approaches that all combine to lead us to world-class scientific results in an inclusive environment.

Position Location and work permit requirement

640 Galveston Dr. Redwood City, 64063.

Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the US.

Major Responsibilities

  • Execution and analysis of single cell and NGS workflows including library construction and sequencing from cells and primary tissues
  • Development and optimization of cutting edge single cell-based genomics technologies 
  • Build our expertise in human disease models to expand Juvena’s platform screening capabilities across multiple organ model systems
  • Integrate the latest in cell culture techniques and analytical methods to increase throughput and information content in our in vitro screening and pharmacology
  • Oversee and perform experiments in disease model systems as well as support our projects with cell-based and biochemical assays        
  • Communicate scientific findings across different functional groups

Position Requirements and Experience

  • A Ph.D. degree in cell biology, systems biology, or a related field and 3 years of relevant experience or a M.S. degree with 6 years of relevant work experience
  • Experienced in wet lab and dry lab genomics workflows such as cell quality check, sample quality control and sequencing data analysis 
  • Experienced with troubleshooting technical challenges related to the wet lab workflow and data analysis
  • Demonstrated an ability to support small molecule or biologic-based high-throughput screening projects
  • Documented experience with assay development and troubleshooting

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3+ years of postdoctoral or industry experience in applying genomic technologies to solve complex biological problems
  • Experience with single cell genomics and proteomics platforms such as scRNAseq, scATCseq, and mass spectrometry
  • Experience with high content imaging, automation, or NGS pipelines
  • Knowledge of regenerative medicine, cardiometabolic, and pulmonary disease areas  
  • Understanding of how disease model data fits into bioinformatics and machine learning applications

Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive salary and annual bonus and stock options
  • Health/Dental/Vision insurance
  • Paid vacation and holidays 
  • More benefits coming soon (including initiation of 401(k) matching program)

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Please email your CV and Cover Letter to apply@juvenatherapeutics.com with the title of the position as the subject line.

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