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Senior Frontend Developer (US citizens only), Gigster Network



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Software Engineering
United States
Posted on Thursday, December 14, 2023
Gigster has partnered with a U.S. federal government agency to build and deploy multiple software solutions. The intention is to extend and augment the government team's capabilities when it comes to state-of-the-art technology planning and implementation.

The government team is implementing a new software platform that will service a vast array of interdepartmental use cases for day-to-day business. This solution will manifest as a website that users log into, and which displays many tools/services to accomplish a task. Each of these discrete tools/services will be implemented as a series of microservices, whereby each tool is a sort of plugin that is independently developed, deployed and made accessible within the platform. Gigster will be building one of these tools, while other teams work on other tools in parallel.

As a Senior Frontend Engineer, you will collaborate with a Gigster development team (engineering, program management) as well as government team leads to further clarify the scope of work, and implement the solution. You will work with all teams to ensure success at each stage of development (ideation through to deployment), and you will prioritize rapid, incremental deliverables to provide quick value to mission stakeholders. The primary code base will be Java/ReactJS, with additional tech expected to range across AWS, Kubernetes, NoSQL, Postgres, and Kong.


  • Develop high-quality, responsive, and user-friendly web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Write clean, well-documented, and maintainable code that follows software engineering best practices.
  • Maintenance and feature development for Java/ReactJS-based user interfaces and microservice + API integration.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in front-end development and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Work closely and collaborate with product managers, designers, and backend engineers to identify and define application requirements.


  • At least 8 years of experience working as a software developer.
  • At least 5 years of experience in developing and maintaining the front end of web applications.
  • Expertise in React/ReactJS and Typescript.
  • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML5.
  • Ability to clearly explain and justify ideas when faced with competing alternatives to enterprise clients and senior team members.
  • Experience with Git version control and Agile software development methodologies.
  • Experience with Agile development methodologies.

Nice to have

  • Experience working with microservices or enterprise APIs/integration.
  • Experience working with databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.).
  • Experience working with Java / Spring / Spring Boot or NodeJS
  • Experience with DevOps tools such as Gitlab CI/CD, Kubernetes, Helm, OpenShift, AWS Services, or Docker.

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This job is no longer accepting applications

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